Sunday, November 4, 2012

Augie's day at the Zoo

Augie's day at the Zoo
was filled with love and attention.
He met lots of new friends
who stopped by and took a guess
at how many bones he had in his cookie jar.
Here's what some of Augie's new friends said about their pets:
*Wesley said his pet's name is Gunny and he's very sneaky.
*Ben's cat is named Noah and he's a nice cat.
*Debrah's pet is Prinsi and she's cute.
*Gemma's pet is Kirby who has a good temperament
*Amari's pet is Lucky Rudy. He loves to play.
*Alexis has a pet named Lily who always likes her.
*Kaila has a cat named Chole who is really sweet 
and a dog named Maximus who is big but gentle.
*Tristen's pet is Shadow who gives lots of love.
*Marthame's dog Murphy Brown gives lots of love too.
*Tori said her dog Peaches is cute and fun.
*Cali's pets are Suz and Uki and they are cute.
*Sarah's pet is Jackel and he is fun, cute, and playful.
*Kemuel's cat is Raven who is a sneaky cat.
*Nadia's pet is Maximus and she says he's super playful.
*Savannah's pets are Bella and Munson and they are good cuddle buddies.
*Amber has a Chihauhau named Skippy
*Imani's pet Cleo is a good playmate
*Alyssia's pet Rockie is playful too.
*Brandi's pet Jenny is very friendly
*Pallar's pet is Jine and she's cute.
Everyone did a great job guessing the number of bones
but there was one winner:
Congratulations to...
 Savannah L. 
and her two cats
Benvolio and Kitzki
You will be recieving a special package in the mail
from Augie Dog.
Thank you to everyone for stopping by

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