Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Small Business Saturday with American Express

For small business Saturday
the 3 Goobers went to the local
doggie boutique to get fitted
for new harnesses.

Paradise Poochie is a very cool store with 2 locations in St. Augustine.

Thank you Paradise Poochie
Thank you American Express
for your support of small businesses
and the new harnesses for the 3 Goobers
using our Amex card.
Xia and Li Li look pretty in pink and Augie D dazzles in red.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Goobers wait for Small Business Saturday

The Goobers protest Black Friday
on a chilly but sunny morning.
We are awaiting Small Business Saturday.
When you register your American Express card
and then charge $25.00 or more during Small Business Saturday
you get credited $25.00
3 Amex cards equal $75.00
The 3 Goober will be going shopping
on Small Business Saturday
at our local Doggie Boutique,
Paradise Poochie
We'll show you what we got tomorrow.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

During my book signing at
The Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens,
Words of Art Children's Book Fair,
I had a jar of dog bones at my table and
the person who guessed the number of bones or came the closest
would receive a surprise.
Congratulations to:
and the
Fur Angel
You will receive a surprise package in the mail
from my 3 Goobers:
Xia, Li Li, and Augie

Friday, November 16, 2012

Children's Book Fair at the Cummer

Free Family Fun
Words of Art
Children's Book Fair & Literacy Family Day
Saturday November 17, 12-4 p.m.
held in Terry Gallery.
Free Admission to the museum
from 10-5 on this day.

Serenata Beach Club Book Signing Event

Holiday Bazaar
Friday, November 16
6-8 p.m.
Do some holiday shopping at
Serenata Beach Club
with the festive atmosphere at our
Holiday Bazaar!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good Luck America...May the best Pack Leader Win


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Augie's day at the Zoo

Augie's day at the Zoo
was filled with love and attention.
He met lots of new friends
who stopped by and took a guess
at how many bones he had in his cookie jar.
Here's what some of Augie's new friends said about their pets:
*Wesley said his pet's name is Gunny and he's very sneaky.
*Ben's cat is named Noah and he's a nice cat.
*Debrah's pet is Prinsi and she's cute.
*Gemma's pet is Kirby who has a good temperament
*Amari's pet is Lucky Rudy. He loves to play.
*Alexis has a pet named Lily who always likes her.
*Kaila has a cat named Chole who is really sweet 
and a dog named Maximus who is big but gentle.
*Tristen's pet is Shadow who gives lots of love.
*Marthame's dog Murphy Brown gives lots of love too.
*Tori said her dog Peaches is cute and fun.
*Cali's pets are Suz and Uki and they are cute.
*Sarah's pet is Jackel and he is fun, cute, and playful.
*Kemuel's cat is Raven who is a sneaky cat.
*Nadia's pet is Maximus and she says he's super playful.
*Savannah's pets are Bella and Munson and they are good cuddle buddies.
*Amber has a Chihauhau named Skippy
*Imani's pet Cleo is a good playmate
*Alyssia's pet Rockie is playful too.
*Brandi's pet Jenny is very friendly
*Pallar's pet is Jine and she's cute.
Everyone did a great job guessing the number of bones
but there was one winner:
Congratulations to...
 Savannah L. 
and her two cats
Benvolio and Kitzki
You will be recieving a special package in the mail
from Augie Dog.
Thank you to everyone for stopping by

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