Sunday, September 2, 2012

Smelly Dog Hero

Thinking we may have a squirrel or racoon
stuck in the attick due to the horriffic smell lingering in the air,
we called the varment man.
He came in, looked around,
went into the attick and tapped on the walls.
He confirmed that we did indeed
have a dead animal somewhere within the walls
and we would need to knock out a portion of the wall
 to search and find
in order to get rid of the stench.
Sitting down, hodling our nose, and contemplating
which wall we would make the hole in,
our beloved dog, Augie Dog,
dragged something to his bed.
That something released a stinch ten-fold.
That something was a bag of raw chicken,
the frozen kind that we buy from Walmart for the dogs.
I have no idea how Augie got his paws on it
but he had dragged the bag under the couch to hide
and waited for a few days before
retrieving it and taking it to his bed.
How on earth that could have smelled good to him
I will never understand.
We were so happy that we had not begun making a hole in the wall
that Augie became the hero of the day,
for figuring out that smell.

1 comment:

Molly The Wally said...

Sorry but BOL funny. Have a great Monday and thank you for starting ours with a laugh.
Best wishes Molly

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