Monday, May 7, 2012

Dogwood Dog Park in Jacksonville Florida had a special $5.00 day.

Li Li, Xia, and Augie grabbed their tennis ball and spent the day there.

Xia braved the waters of Lake FiFi... Augie played lifegaurd.

We met different dog breeds...

fished for tad poles...

and played in the tunnels.

Augie got to venture into the big dog section
while Li Li and Xia had to stay in the little dog part.
Safty first...

The big dog section has a path in the woods...

with cool inspirational quotes for dogs nailed onto the trees along the way.

And then you reach a clearing to...

Lake Bow Wow.

Where the big dogs play.

A little too ruff for Augie D, so back to lake FiFi...

A big thank you to the Dogwood Park of Jacksonville
for a fun filled day

~ Xia, Augie, and Li Li
The 3 Goobers of


Keith Andrea said...

.,wow that was a wonderful place.,

Stopped for a visit

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Molly The Wally said...

What a lark in the park!
Best wishes Molly

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