Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I am a recipient of the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Thank you Nancy Quatrano for nominating my blog. To be mentioned by my mentor and such a talented writer and wonderful person such as yourself is a honor.

In accepting and participating in the Kreativ Blogger Award, I am asked to share ten things that my readers don't know about me and list six blogs that I think are outstanding and deserving of the reward

10 Things About Me:
1) I'm originally from Maryland

2) I’m an only child

3) My favorite singer is Prince and have been to his home in Minnesota for a 5 day concert. He also rented out the local movie theater during the middle of the night and took everyone in their pajamas to watch the Minority Report.

4) My favorite sport is Boxing and I was and still am a Mike Tyson fan

5) My favorite color is purple

6) My favorite number is 5

7) I'm a chocoholic

8) I don't like sodas

9) My favorite book is The Phantom Tollbooth

10) My favorite actor is Christopher Walken

My six Blog nominees:

1) Diary of an Adopted Dog

2) Life With Dogs

3) My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much

4)  Two Little Cavaliers

5) I Am A Reader Not A Writer

6) Trunk Calls An Elephants blog
And last and most important my mentor's, Nancy Quatrano's, blog:
Faith, Hope and Grace


Inspired Kathy said...

Thank you for the award.

Two Little Cavaliers said...

Thank you so much for the award!

Jeff Swesky said...

Congratulations, Cynthia! I hope all is well! I have a suggestion: I use Wordpress and don't really utilize my Google account, so you may want to add an email sign-up widget to your blog, so people like me can get updates when you publish new posts.

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