Saturday, August 20, 2011

53 total adoptions today!!!

During a book signing of my book, Angel in a Fur Coat, at the city shelter event today,I noticed a sweet little pup sitting so quietly and sadly in a kennel cage.
Her information page on the kennel door stated her name was
Hope and she was 4 months old.
I asked if I could take her out of her cage and keep her at my table
with me and help her find her new home.
Hope put on her little Please Adopt Me vest
and hung out with me until her new family
walked through the door, saw her,
and adopted her.

Congratulations Hope!!!
Now you can have the fun loving life you deserve.

Today at the Jacksonville Shelter adoption event,
Hope was 1 out of 53 total adoptions that took place!

53 dogs and cats are now resting in peace
 in their new homes tonight.
How awesome is that!!!

view more photos from the event >>> here

1 comment:

Robin Snyder said...

WONDERFUL!!!!!! :)

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