Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Children's Book Fair at the Cummer Museum Saturday Nov. 20th

Me and a few friends 
will be at the Children's Book Fair
at the Cummer Museum
signing our books:

Angel in a Fur Coat
Author: C.L. Enuton

Angel in a Fur Coat is about Angels trading their wings and halos for fur coats and bones to be born on earth as dogs but first they must learn what it means to be a dog so they go to school. They learn about various dog breeds and different dog jobs and when they graduate they get their fur coat and are born on earth to find the person they were made for.  Explore the wonderful world of dogs through the eyes of one special little angel whose everlasting dream is to be a person's best friend.

America's Real
First Thanksgiving
Author: Robyn Gioia

America's REAL First Thanksgiving. The story chronicles a little known fact that St. Augustine, Florida, is the site of the REAL first Thanksgiving, 56 years before the Pilgrims!

Penny and Rio: The Mysterious Backyard Meeting
Author: Jennifer Swanson

Penny and Rio: The Mysterious Backyard Meeting: Penny and Rio are two dogs who are complete opposites. Penny is curious and always on the go, while Rio prefers a good nap. At their new house, Penny discovers that their backyard is the meeting place for several different animals. Penny doesn’t know why a cat, a groundhog, a squirrel, and an owl could possibly be meeting, but she knows she has to find out. She comes up with an ingenious plan for spying on them and discovers their plot. She has to stop them – but can she get her sister dog, Rio, to help her or will Rio decide that sleep is more important?  

Gullah, The Newleans Cat
Author: Nancy Murray

Gullah, The Nawleans Cat Meets Katrina, part-whimsy, part-reality, is the story of a mischievous cat caught in America's worst natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina. Florida author Nancy Murray says she wrote the story because the littlest of victims, the children and animals, deserve a book uniquely their own.

These are just a few of us.
You will find many more authors and illustrators listed on the poster
In addition to meeting authors
and getting autographed copies of some of your favoriate books,
there will be hourly author book readings, a scavenger hunt,
arts and crafts project making by Art Connections
and performances by Ajamu

It's going to be fun! Hope to see you there

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